Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I generally spend the last week or two of every year deeply reflecting on that year and setting my intentions for the year ahead. This year due to being ill and travel I deviated from my norm, which is good. It is great to break out of old patterns and do something new.

I returned from Seattle in the middle of the night last Sunday and after a few hours sleep began to think about my intentions for the year ahead. I have drafted a poster-sized list as I do each year - this is posted on my office/studio wall. I will share a photo of the finished product when I am done.

One of my intentions this year is Creativity - that is to be more intentionally creative with Soul Collage, writing, drawing, painting and pursuits that inspire and help me more deeply explore my intuitive and spiritual side.

I found this terrific blog by artist Leah Piken Kolidas called Creative Everyday - it is an exceptional blog with encouragement and a challenge to be "creative everyday."

I discovered Leah's blog over at one of my favorite places - Sacred Ordinary - where Fran writes about creativity, spirituality, family and life.

I highly recommend both blogs! And if creativity is one of your resolutions or intentions for the coming year, you will find lots of inspiration!!

I am back at work and getting myself acclimated to the office and serving our clients. This is a tough time for organizations in the third sector - we are concerned about our colleagues who are working to serve those who are most in need. In spite of the harsh economic environment and the stress all around us, I feel optimistic that we will develop new ways of doing things that can lead to lasting solutions.

Here we are in a brand new year with a new President about to take office. I am hopeful and grateful. I know we all have work to do to make a difference. Together we can make a difference.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Suzann!! Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  2. Suzann,
    the year that just passed was very special for me. You know that.
    And you helped me more than you can imagine. The few Days when I had the pleasure to visit you and many of your friends. How to express but simply: It's in my mind forever.

    You also talked about your dreams and wishes for your own future.
    Also, how responsible and giving you are.

    Remember you gave me the Obama banner?
    I posted it;)

    btw. may you have a trip to Europe this year?

  3. Suzann, how I wish you weren't so far away. I'd so love to get to know you. Do you ever pass through L.A.?

    Thanks for the plug, too. Leah's site has sure gotten me jump started on creativity.

    Oh, were you in the midst of the really bad weather in Washington? And now they are flooding.