Saturday, January 17, 2009


It has been enough to navigate the 22 below temperatures. Yes I live in the northland - I assure you we do not have many weeks like this. We had 87 hours with the air temperature below zero. That is beyond cold. I know, I have lived in Minnesota for 20 years and I love it!! However, I must not be a true Minnesotan. When it gets like this - Scotty beam me up!!!!!!!!

Today I had my usual 7:30 am workout with my personal trainer. I went out for a perfect little cafe breakfast and came home to clean and organize the shelves in the downstairs closet. This meant I also got to reorganize my studio/den. Feels wonderful - things look and feel good.

While I was working I watched CNN. The train is close to arriving in DC - all things are aligned. Our new President and his family. Bless and Protect.


  1. You have it much colder as we do in Oslo, Norway. Who would believe that?

    It's snowing this afternoon, and we can await lot's of during the evening. So, we stay inside.

    The whole world awaits your new President. I must say, he have enormous challenge, with the sad heritage from a catastrophy fra Texas.

    Wish you a wonderful week privatly and with work.

    hugs from the other side of the Pond

  2. I cannot believe the COLD everywhere, but here...(It has been 80 and more here every day dor the last week...Sorry, my dear...) I know I could not survive that kind of weather any more, nor, would I want to, to be honest...! It's good that you love where you live Suzann...if you didn't...Well, that would be pretty terrible! (lol)

    Very Exciting Things On The Horizon.....Tomorrow....such a fantastically Historical Day....!
    I am excited about all that Obama plans to do, and is, in a way, already doing....! I know there are rough times ahead, but, those that have been in charge for the last 8 years have done so much damage.....However hard it will be to tighten our belts, etc.....The feeling of Hope for our country and for the world, is a true breath of Fresh Breathable Air, as far as I'm cincerned. This is a special man and I am filled with HOPE!