Monday, October 06, 2008

Late Summer Weekend

Autumn is definitely on its way. Our trees are barely tipped with gold yet the socks and sweaters are out of their summer storage drawers. This weekend I wore socks with my moccasins and a gorgeous knitted scarf - so warm and cozy. I love living a four season climate. Happy to see my sandals each spring and ready to wrap up in my big wool shawl as winter approaches.

I have a set of late summer photos to post - the bounty of harvest at the Farmer's Market, the changing sky and others but blogger is being touchy this morning and will not allow upload at this time.

I am working in my home office today and will try to share them later in the day. Happy Monday.


  1. Look forward to your photos. You're sounding good these days!

  2. You know - the 4 seasons mean something to us - our rythm of life - how we can enjoy the nature from ice cold - heating up - experience how life in the nature optimistically comes back to life and during the short summer: how it all blossoms and live intensivly - and all the colours of Autumn and what we can harvest.

    btw. For us to harvest now is "only" Grapes and Carrots.
    -- and take care