Friday, October 10, 2008


Last Saturday morning I drove down this street to my personal trainer's house/studio and all the trees were green. On Tuesday, I drove the same route to her studio and presto! The trees are beautiful. Change we really can believe in..............mother nature's amazing cycle of growth, death, renewal and growth.

I am on my way to San Antonio tomorrow. I am going on family business again. Please do keep my youngest son JAE in your thoughts and prayers - I cannot "talk about it" yet - just keep us close in your thoughts.

My best friend and JAE's Aunt J is meeting me in San Antonio and so I will have a lovely weekend with my oldest friend. We will talk until we have no breath left in our bodies. I return to Minnesota on Tuesday. I will try to post at least once while I am in the lovely City of San Antonio. More to come................


  1. You're son will be in my thoughts and prayers sweetie...

    Those beautiful pictures of the changing favorite time....

    I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and check out my latest post Suzann...thinking of you too.... Love, Joy

  2. such lovely photographs. good wishes fly with you to san antonio and surround your son. sending positive energy straight to texas and keeping your family in thought and prayer. hugsssss.

  3. I hope you have a safe trip Suzzan and that ALL will be well with your youngest son....!
    You are in my thoughts and my prayers, my dear.

  4. Dear Suzann,
    You have so much to think about - so just now relaxe and fight your own challenges.
    I know you are very capable of that.

    I cross my fingers fora positive result.