Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Week Ahead

Those of you who visit here may know that I love the Daily OM - in fact, I receive an email from daily om each morning. Today's email resonates with me and so I share it as I begin a new week.

Heart-Centered Generosity
Cancer Daily Horoscope

You could feel a great amount of warm-heartedness when welcoming others into either your home or your life today. This desire to be toward other people may be due to your recognition that it is through kindness that you can truly connect with those around you. If you can imagine today that as you allow people into your physical space you are also allowing them into your emotional space you may notice that it becomes easier to really greet others with open arms. Maybe you could try thinking of your heart as having a door to a part of yourself that is full of unconditional love and that with each person you encounter today, your heart-door opens, bathing them with the limitless love you have within you. Bathing your hospitality in this love might make it easier to give of yourself fully to others.

When our giving comes from our heart, it is complete and pure. Welcoming other people into our homes is often an act of opening ourselves up to them – making ourselves somewhat vulnerable in the process. Letting our hearts work for us, however, allows us to give without thoughts about what will happen when we let others in – it also takes the focus off how we express our generosity, and instead helps us to concentrate on those we have invited into our lives. By opening your heart, you will give the people you bring into your life the best that you have to offer today.


  1. Beautiful thoughts and so true. These days we need all of those beautiful thoughts we can wrap ourselves in as protection against so much negativity.

  2. I've seen what live up to in real life.
    And had a wonderfulful time in your home.