Saturday, October 18, 2008

Manifest Obama


  1. WONDERFUL, Suzanne...!
    I voted today....I have to do mine by mail, so...I am relieved it's done and will go out on Monday.

    We have a lot of propositions here this time, so there was a lot to study....! OBAMA is My Man! No study needed there! (lol)

  2. My dear S,
    you should have know what's going around. Even my facebooks friends has started a pro Obama intenational campaign

    hugs from acorss the Pond

  3. i voted friday night and mailed off the ballot on saturday. so exciting to fill it out and have hope that our country can be healed. :)

    voting in this election gave me the most satisfaction of any election i have participated in. that we survived these past 8 years is a testament to our resilience, i suppose. now it is time for us to become whole , and to rise again as a trustworthy nation that our citizens and other countries can count on to do the right thing!

  4. I voted a a few days ago felt good to cast my vote for Sky...a great satisfaction and sense of hope. I can only pray that most Americans feel the same way. By all indications...I think they do.

  5. What a wonderful idea and vision. So important to do this.

  6. Europeans for Obama - only some of my Facebokk friends -

    Freedom is good, but greedy is bad.
    Let's control the greedy.And punish those who's greediness hurt other people.