Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Bounty of the Harvest

Here are the weekend photos from the Farmer's Market - the next to last photo is of the veggies I brought home. I cooked a huge pot of Ratatouille, roasted a piece of fresh lamb and made a nice yogurt sauce. Very yummy - harvest time - such a delight.


  1. Your pictures are delightful and certainly stir up the appetite. Glad it was a good day. And Ratatouille sounds heavenly!

  2. Beautiful harvest photos. I am trying to decide if I am ready for fall but ready or not, it's here too

  3. Your way of picking the ingredients and preparing the best dishes out of it, I know I'm not the only one to know. You are a fabulous coock.
    It's no secret for your dear readers that I would have loved to have joined you, both as "papa goes shopping" and helping to prepare the hhhmmmmm meal.
    - - and not to talk about to enjoy the fabulous result - ensemble

    excellent photos and what a fantastic (for me) memory of the St Paul farmers Market - a certain Sunday in August. Very memorable

  4. Farmers Market...YUMMY! I AM ready for Fall Suzann....I'm just not ready for Winter. If Fall could last longer...I'd be a happy camper. Your pictures are so beautiful...vibrant colors...it all looks so good.