Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Night

This is a very busy time for me. I have been working on a new client project for the past month - I finished the internal interviews and the organizational assessment and delivered the Report to their board via overnight mail today. It is always a relief to finish this part of a transition client. The board is having their retreat on Monday night - many tough decisions to be made and then on to the future.

My time in San Antonio was stressful and successful!! We have been able to get my son the treatment he needs right now for serious emotional issues. His very life hung in the balance. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers that flew across the miles.

Today my mother fell and hurt her knee - ratz! She was in the hospital for x-rays and now is home. A friend of the family is coming up from the Bay Area to stay for a few days until we find out the extent of the injury. She is in a "walking cast" and has crutches. However, she is immobile without assistance. This may be the beginning of the end of mother in the two story house.

Tomorrow morning is my workout with Suzy, my dear, tough personal trainer and then Farmer's Market. Lots of things to do this weekend including some down time and some blog time.

The leaves are in full glory - peak color - I will have lots of photos to post soon. I hope you have a terrific weekend planned. More to come..................


  1. I am glad you could get your son the help he needs. Quite a time right now, isn't it for so many people. Hopefully better times are ahead

  2. so glad to hear you were successful in getting your son in the treatment he needs. hope he is and will remain safe.

    eager to see your photos. i saw some other photos of your area somewhere recently. i was stunned at the vibrant color of the area.

  3. I am glad to hear that you get to your son the treatment he needs. And I hope your mother will be well very soon.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  4. First of all,
    happy to hear your son will have the treatment he needs and deserves.
    Then, I wish I was with you;))

  5. I missed stopping by your blog for a couple of days...and didn't see this post Suzann. So glad everything is okay with your son and that he is getting the treatment he needs. And I hope your mom's knee will be fine and on the mend. It seems to go that way sometimes....when it rains, it pours. I hope you aren't too stressed out sweetie...thinking of you... ~Joy