Friday, November 30, 2007

Snow is in My Future

Immediate future that is. They are predicting a 4 to 8 inch snowfall beginning tomorrow around noon. I will post snow pictures during the weekend.

I was suffering with a cold all during Thanksgiving, by Tuesday this week, I was healed and felt great. On Wednesday, it returned! Ratz!!!

I worked from home today. I am taking advil, zinc, vitamin c, and drinking lots of fluids. My weekend plan: stay warm, drink tea, read, maybe do an art project, watch a couple of movies, eat the curried carrot soup I made tonight and just get better.

Winter is on the doorstep.


  1. I haven't heard, but I wonder if that snow will be heading here Suzann....looks like it could.

    I hope you feel better soon sweetie...good weekend for healing. Your plan sounds good. Much love....

  2. Hope you're feeling better -- chicken soup, chicken soup!

  3. I second the "chicken soup" recommendation (and add Vitamin C, Zicam, and lots of rest & water). 'Tis no time to be sick! Hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs and blessings,