Saturday, December 01, 2007

In my yard this morning

We did not have a substantial snowfall last year until December 31 - it is definitely snowing here today. These pictures were taken at 10:30 this morning - it is 2:30 pm and it shows no sign of stopping.

A wonderful treat, the snow comes on a Saturday. No driving, no meetings. Just indoors - warm and cozy. Books, hot soup, music, solitude. Doesn't get much better than this right now.


  1. Yes, the snow creates a lovely visual treat. Brings back memories.

  2. How lovely. And to think I was delighted to finally get some rain :)
    Stay warm … get well soon.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. I have to admit, it's really gorgeous! That first snowfall is such an affirmation that winter has actually arrived.
    I remember it well from growing up in New England, but I'll still take my 70 degrees out
    PS...what's going on here? You're the second blog I've just encountered that I don't have a choice of putting "other" when I sign in to comment here. I don't have, nor want, a Google/Blogger acct. So looks like I'll be limited now on my commenting.

  4. How nice, Suzann. I love snow's photos. Your yard looks beautiful!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog! I appreciate it so much!

  5. A new snowfall looks so clean-- like a fresh slate to life. All we have had is rain and wind and that creates a flooding stream as well as mud! Nothing too fresh about that!

  6. I'm having Blogger/Google issues and have long had a user name and password. I've sent two messages so far but they haven't been accepted. Trying again.

  7. Ah, went through. I just wanted to say Happy Haunnukah and that your snow is lovely. You've gotten even more now. How did Thanksgiving go with V?