Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Angels on this Earth

I found Tom on the floor of our home office on Thursday, November 11th at 5 pm - Tom died at 7:15am November 14, 2004. So many people stepped forward and held us in their arms.

Lisa, Joan, Steve, Bonnie, Bernie, Vanessa, Heidi, Jonathan, Susan, Ann, Hope, Patsy, Rob, Shereda, Mark --- you did everything - I love you and will never forget.

Beginning in the hospital - standing with me as I made the tough decision to remove life support; sitting with me as we held Tom on his final journey.

Going to the funeral home. Selecting casket and clothes. Visiting with the Pastor. Assisting the children and grandchildren to travel safely, be met at the airport and taken home.

Placing all the phone calls - talking with shocked friends. Helping to make decisions no one is prepared to make.

Kicking me in the butt when I did not "want a funeral." Taking the flowers while no one was home; arranging for the food at the service and at the wake at home; making sure the cleaning person came; taking care of all the children during the visitation.

Answering the constant phone calls, talking with people who loved Tom so much and those who worked with him and were stunned by his abrupt departure.

Finding all the papers needed for the military burial. Working with the boys to finish getting the house ready for winter. Being here after everyone went home.

Your unwavering support, your constant love and care saved me so many times. You allowed me to see glimpses of life when I did not believe there was a life ahead.

You were our angels. You, my treasured friends, are angels on this earth. I am healing - standing up with hope and with a new life emerging. These days of remembrance are difficult. Last year, my life ahead felt like a tunnel. Today, my life feels like a sunrise.

I will forever bless each of you. In eternal gratitude, I send my deepest appreciation and love to you.


  1. Ahhhhh, Suzann.

    God's blessings on you this day of remembrance. May the sweetness of what you had linger on your tongue long after the bitterness of the loss has faded.

    May the angels always surround you with their tender compassion.

    Peace to you, my dear sister-friend.

  2. You sing the glory of friendship and you live in its most blessed presence. Your angels have taken such good care of you along the way. I am sure each of them is smiling as they see you rise and claim your future.

    We all learn much from the journey you share, from your courage and strength. :-)

  3. You brought me to tears, dear Suzann....This is so beautifully expressed....What wondeful friends you have and how sweet that they could be "there" for you at that terrible terrible time....And it is so true. One does not ever forget these things because they are what held you and allowed you to go on in those awful unthinkable moments and days....Another anniversary. It must still be unimagineable that this actually happened, yet, there you are, the Butterfly, coming out of the cacoon, slowly but surely....The memory always there, but now, you can move on a little bit as time is passing. A Beautiful Post, as always Suzanne dear.

  4. This is one of the most beautiful posts you have ever written Suzann...I'm just sitting back and absorbing every word for I so understand exactly what you have said. Thank you sweet Suzann....what a beautiful soul you are. Earthly know I'm a great believer. Thank you again for the beautiful card....and thank you for being one of my angels.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to all those that surrounded you and shared their strength during a very difficult time.
    May you continue to feel those sunrises and have very few clouds. Best to you.

  6. From your heart to mine, forever and forever. From Tom's heart to yours, forever and forever.

    I will always bless the time we knew Tom, his strength and laughter, his guidence and compassion.

    Forever and forever, we will always be thus.....


  7. Suzann, my thoughts are with you. You are a very special caring person. You also help me realize that "there is a life ahead" even through the hardest of times.
    Hugs & Kisses

  8. You are a living symbol of love - even written in the sand.
    Hence I read your blog with respect