Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beautiful Day in St. Paul - November 11 and all my windows are open. I finally had a good night's sleep after a week of being up and about at all hours - sleep the great restorer. Today the following memorial (with a picture) ran in the St. Paul Pioneer Press - I did not do a memorial last year - I really like it, this fills me with gratitude and happiness today.

Thomas William Murray
April 23, 1935 – November 14, 2004
Our Strength and Our Guide

Memories are Treasures
I will always be grateful for your love
My husband, my fly-boy, my soul mate, my friend

“No one cries very much unless something of real worth is lost. Tears are the jewels of remembrance – sad, but glistening with the beauty of the past.” – J. Peterson


  1. beautiful words to celebrate this life that brought you so much joy.

  2. Lovely memorial Suzann ... thanks for sharing it here.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. This month is pretty hard on both of us, isn't it sweetie? Two more days and it will be the third anniversary of Tom's passing....three years. In five days it will be two years since Joel's gone. It's hard to believe...some days seem like I barely can remember what it was like having him around....and some days it's like he never really left...and he's right around the corner. I know you know just what I mean. I have been...and will be thinking about you over the next few days Suzann....always in my thoughts and in my heart....

  4. What a lovely and beautiful tribute to the love of your life. May time heal the pain of loss and increase the rememberance of the love and laughter.