Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The days of shock and awe.

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor and then I voted. Those were two of the last things Tom and I did in the days before November 11, 2004 when I came home to find him on the floor. We voted in the Presidential election and went to see Dr. Scott.

The memories assail me - walking the road. Keep me close.


  1. it is so strange how a day can be moving along just fine and then whammooooo - out of the blue something knocks us in the head, a memory, a fragrance, a song, and we are transported back into yesterday on a speeding bullet.

    you are always wrapped in warm wishes. hold on to the moment of NOW as you move forward in the present. have you read eckhart tolle's the power of now? if not, you might enjoy it. he is a powerful facilitator of our living in the present which is truly the only life we really have.

  2. If a person could utilize the experiences we have as part of our personality, not hold onto the desires for what was, but just recognize them as having been why we became this person today, we'd all be ahead but it's human nature to wish for what was, to regret what cannot be. I think, it's a lesson with which we all struggle.

  3. My thoughts and prayers go with you today. Remember ... let the feelings wash over you ... and know that all is well.
    “Our willingness to do the work to become more conscious is what paves the way for us to recognize the unmistakable touch of grace.”
    ~Cheryl Richardson

    Hugs and blessings,