Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Spring

Here is a piece from The Daily Om, which is a wonderful little website that sends an inspirational/thoughtful message to my inbox each day. This article is about the renewal and resilience that Spring calls forth for us.

Happy Spring - as we look forward to warmth, to gardening, to being outdoors - to new growth and directions - I wish you tulips and daffodils and peace.


  1. Thanks for giving me this link.

    All seasons have it's special characeristics - just like human life. Right? U know

  2. What a great wish Suzann. Happy Spring sweetie....

  3. oh,suzann, i understand your eagerness for spring. i am walking through the gardens each day, even in pouring rain, to check for new growth! the daffodils, heather, crocuses, lenton roses, muscari, and hyacinths are now blooming. tulips are showing greenery but no blooms yet. the day lilies are shooting up their green leaves as are the asian lilies, and many of the perennials are breaking earth now. i can hardly wait for the bank to be filled with candytuft's white blossoms and the blue of lithodora blooms. the bearded irises, azaleas, and rhododendrons will bloom in early may. heaven!

    keep us posted with pictures, suzann. i wish i could post them on my blog! :(

  4. I liked froggie sticking out from the snow. I used to get the Daily Om, but don't anymore. I'll go over to the link. And I wish you happy spring, too.

  5. Thanks for the link. Thanks for the wish and can only wish you the same.