Monday, March 12, 2007

Here is the latest redecorating project

What a difference paint and a few new accessories make in a room. Color sets the tone and transforms the space.

It was time for this transformation. I still need new art and perhaps a small shelf on the opposite wall, which you cannot see. In any case, life moves on and I am moving with it.


  1. Suzann, I love your bathroom. It is amazing what a redo in a room can do--redudant, I guess. I'm so glad your weather is finally improving. Those snow pictures are unbelievable for a So Cal woman. It was almost 80 here in LA County--and over 90 in the valley. Hope it holds for a while as even though our weather is mild compared to yours, I sure get the winter blues.

    Haven't been reading blogs as much lately, but I'll check in sometimes, I promise.

  2. Suzann, my dear..So good to see you had visited my blog...I always enjoy your comments so much....
    It is GREAT to redo--repaint---etc., a spave that needs it! Out with the old, in with the new...except, I personally find the transition period very very know? When it is neither old or new yet...But it sure is a nice feeling when it is done. It lifts the spirits so much!

  3. Your decorating looks very nice. Congratulations to you for moving on as you are. The whole inside of my house needs redecorating, an undertaking for which I have just not been able to build up any enthusiasm. At least I recognize there is a need. ;-)

  4. So beautiful your new bathroom decoration!