Monday, March 19, 2007


.....has it that spring is lurking out there just beyond my eyesight. My spirit is ready. Even though snow is still on the ground and you need a coat most days - as you can see, the amazing living things under the soil are beginning to stir.

This morning I got up and looked out and saw froggy sticking his nose above the snow. I am so excited to begin gardening - Yesterday, my neighbor and garden buddy V said, "Suzann, go buy a bouquet of tulips." I know, I know, this is Minnesota - we still have a wait ahead of us. But oh, you can virtually smell the garden season approaching and the robins are back!!!!

Renewal and rebirth. The wheel turns.


  1. So exciting Suzann...Especially, froggy! I love that you caught a picture of him poking about--I bet he's hoping Spring will be here very soon, too! (lol)So true, life renewing itself...! Like I said, Exciting, Very Very Exciting!

  2. New life. It's a wonder every spring.

    Excuse me, for beeing away for a while. It's about the cybercruise.
    I've learned more about Stockholm, Oslo, Waterloo, Barcelona and people you never can read in a book or tourist brochure...

    PS Love to read your blog..

  3. Aren't you lucky having real snow! We in the north of England await it every winter, and get very excited if we manage half a centimetre - but, nothing at all this year, except on the mountain-tops. I love the way snow transforms the world, and makes you see your familiar surroundings in a completely different light.