Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer is on the Way

I have been really scarce here for the last couple of weeks.  So much is happening I don't know where to start.  First - I finally got the tomatoes and herbs and eggplant and flowers planted!!  I worked for five hours nonstop in the garden today and I feel really good.  I have dreams of tomatoes and basil with my homemade fresh mozzarella - yum! 

I planted four different varieties of tomatoes - yellow pear, brandywine (a really big heirloom), opalla (an heirloom paste), and aussie (a early, medium-sized heirloom).  I also planted a currant bush and rhubarb!  The picture at the left is in the front of my house.  Those of you who have been visiting here for awhile might remember pictures of the front of the house with bountiful pots of foliage and flowers.  Last Fall I had the gravel mulch removed and had it dug out and replaced with rich compost and garden soil.  Now I can grow food there - how fun!  I still haven't decided what to plant for the border - maybe more basil.  You can't have enough basil!

I am still growing in pots - I have lots of chives, more tomatoes, tons of other herbs of every description, flowers and there is more to come.   I get such enjoyment out of digging in the dirt and watching things grow. 

The big news is my Mother sold the house in Yountville!  This a huge life-transition.  The is much too big for her plus the two-stories are really not practical for a woman in her 80's who is legally blind.  She has lived in the house for a long time - we have our work cut out for us.

Of course, I am on my way to California to help find her a place to live (she wants to buy something - her choice, not a great idea from my perspective - nonetheless - I will honor her wishes).  I need to help pack her things; I need to help her decide what will go to the new place and what we will do with all the stuff that will not fit as she downsizes.  I will be leaving the beginning of June and will spend 11 days with her.  I will also go back in early July to be with her for the move.

I have been juggling a lot of balls lately.  We moved our office (the new one is great); my client work is still very intense; I have been trying to get the yard in shape; I have been trying to simplify my own life by getting rid of stuff and the beat does on.  Oh yeah, and then there is laundry and things. :)

The next couple of weeks will be really busy.  I will try to keep the garden photos updated and of course, it is always fun to post wine country shots.  I hope you are all well and enjoying these days leading up to summer. 

One marvelous thing - I have stepped into my new life.  It is terrific to be here now - not in the past, not longing for what I cannot have, just enjoying my life as it is - very grateful for life just the way it is.  Namaste.


  1. Hi Suzann,
    you are really a person of respect.
    After all, you handle the most:
    Your Garden, which is charming and all what you plan there (we have so far small green tomatoes, flowring chillies, and and).
    Take care of your Mother while in CA; I'm not that good at it; I took care of her Mother...

    And we have palnned to cross the Pond next year.
    To meet you and J and S, which I understand will move up from Florida and stay at least one year.
    That would be fun and something to really looking forward to.
    When J said they would, I told Anna and she was very excited. Meeting Suzann, the woman his hubby has so often has referred to.


  2. "I have stepped into my new life. It is terrific to be here now - not in the past, not longing for what I cannot have, just enjoying my life as it is - very grateful for life just the way it is."

    Congratulations, a monumental step forward!