Thursday, May 06, 2010

I stand in the Present

This weekend, when I removed the Burning Bush shrub from my yard, I couldn't help but think about the day Tom and I planted it.  We went together and selected exactly what we wanted.   This tree was especially important as its location is one of the main views out our living room window.  We wanted something that would fill that corner of the yard and be beautiful in different seasons.

We planted it at least 8 years ago (maybe longer) and I remember that day so well.  We had fun, laughing and talking about how wonderful it is to watch the miracle of nature as our plants and trees grow and mature. 

There would have been a day when I would have removed that tree with tears streaming down my face - totally consumed by the loss of Tom and those memories.  Not so this weekend.  The rabbit destroyed the tree - it had to go. 

Of course, I will miss Tom always.  Of course, there will be times that I wish he were here by my side.  Of course, I there will be times of sadness that he is gone from the earth.  That is the reality of losing someone you love and cherish.  For me - I have stepped into this new life - joyfully I can say - "I STAND IN THE PRESENT."


  1. You're an inspiration, my friend. So few people -- widowed or not -- ever stand in the present.

  2. alicia is so right. too much of our present is lost in remembering out past or worrying about our future. i say you are in the perfect place, the perfect moment...the only one we can truly count on!