Monday, November 30, 2009


Feeling pretty punky - sleeping, taking zinc, chinese herbs, lots of fluids and more sleeping.  Here is a photo of my beautiful granddaughter, O and my mother.  This picture was snapped at the Frank Family Winery outside St. Helena.  I have more to come but first - I need to get well.


  1. lovely photo. Family are so precious. Get well hon xxx

  2. Dear Suzann, what to say but I wish I was there?

    Well, our Cat Felicia: 6 new kittens born last night...

    I think I'll send yiu an e-mail- so much in so short a time.

    Have a great time in CA

  3. Home IS family. Thank you for sharing this photo of your loved ones. Your lovely granddaughter resembles you.

  4. Feel better fast sweetie... Love, Joy

  5. O is georgeous! What a beautiful young woman.
    Mom is beautiful in another way, but she tugs at my heart strings - What a precious picture...... J