Saturday, December 05, 2009

Trying to heal.......

Sorry I have been offline this week.    I worked in my home office on Monday and Tuesday and then worked in my own office the balance of the week - I have too much work ahead to not catch up after being gone for a week.

I  have really struggled to beat this wretched cold.  Deb came last Sunday and did a massage and lymphatic drainage, I had acupuncture with Julie on Friday and today had a European Facial with Marta - she did more lymphatic drainage and used the full-spectrum lights.  Julie also prescribed a raw chinese herb formula, which I have cooked up and am drinking.   I even saw the western medicine Doc this week and that is unusual for me.

This afternoon I made a yummy chicken soup for dinner. Tonight I feel a bit better - finally!!

I have begun my new leadership transition gig in Minneapolis in a Shelter for Homeless Families and next week I will start going to the shelter - this weekend is one of laying low and getting well. 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Stay warm.


  1. I am sorry that you have been so unwell ... and it is when we are ill that the grief manages to manifest itself into something even more painful (which is unbelievable in itself). I wonder if you becoming ill straight after (or over) Thanksgiving is a coincidence ... it is so emotional to go through any anniversary or celebratory day ... we stop work and try too hard to get through these painful days, and BAM ... we are struck by a "bug". How cruel that is.

    I am relieved you are recovering - albeit slowly.

    YOU keep warm xxxx

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. Those all seem like things that should be good emotionally as well as physically. Take care of yourself.

  3. Dear Suzann,

    I'm sorry
    I'm not in the right mood to comment as usual.
    You'll understand when reading my COT this week.
    It was a very hard moment