Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home for the Holiday......

I arrived at the San Francisco airport at 11:30 pm Friday night and got to the hotel at 1 am.  Here is a photo I snapped yesterday morning right outside the hotel of a plane landing at SFO.  After breakfast yesterday, I hopped the Napa Valley Shuttle bus and headed north.  I am at my mother's home in Yountville - it is a bit drizzly here in the early morning hours - the forecast for the week ahead is for days in high 60's nearly 70 degrees - I'll take it!!

We are off this morning to pedicure/manicure, shop and get out for a bit.  Mother no longer drives although she keeps her car in the garage and ready to go - as she says, "just for you when you come home."

Enjoy these days of preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday.  More to come......

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  1. Looks like the Photo is taken from around Burlingham - or? Well my englisk is has kind of Viking influence. You know.
    Napa Valley? Well, I knew.
    Vist CD Wines and the neighbouring Mumm Napa. We did in 2006 and had a fabulous time with my cousin Rande.

    Hope you will enjoy a pleasant time and TG.
    May you have the chance to join the Oslo Blog Gathering next August?