Thursday, November 19, 2009


My friend Amy came through surgery successfully.  She was moved last night from ICU to Oncology.  She is in pain and sleeping most of the time and will do so for the next few days, according to her son who updated us yesterday.   Please continue to keep Amy and her family in your prayers.  She is an amazing woman with the world's biggest heart. 


  1. Suzann,
    you are and will allways be a premium caring person.
    Amy is now in my Heart, but I'm realstic enough that when you tell her so:
    Who is this Tor?
    -- Ok this is something he only says.

    --- etc etc.

    The most comforting and positive I can say, as I told you a year ago:
    My Mothers Cousine Marie, was a widow at the ago around 60. She wanted to dye as well, but her friends and neighbours told her how valubale and important she was..
    She was 99 when she past away..

    btw. I still have THAT flue, and wake up in the middle of the Night - so excuse for my incorrect writing and lack of more comments

  2. I do hope all is continuing well for your friend, Amy. I'll keep her in my thoughts and wish that she may be granted much more time to enjoy her family, friends and life.