Thursday, July 02, 2009


That's right I am on vacation.............hooray!! My friend V arrived this morning after being stranded in the Sea-Tac airport for 12 hours - poor guy!

What are we going to do?? Well, cook some great food (tapas is one thing on our menu), drink some good wine and perhaps a margarita, go to a museum, see some fireworks, sit on the patio in the new chairs (that's them in the photo) and just have a good time. I need this time off so much. The past few months have been extremely stressful and worthwhile. I am tired and ready for this quiet, relaxing break.

I hope you have a terrific holiday weekend - I will try to post more during my vacation.


  1. Have an absolutely GREAT vacation Suzann.....the best! Love, Joy

  2. Hurray,
    you have after a hard working season a very deserved Vacation.
    And with a good friend. What can be better? Just relaxe in your beautiful back yeard - in the new comfy chairs. wow.
    And I know your cooking.
    I still remember the Alaska King Saumon. That was someting.
    Yeah every meal Chez toi was excellent and given by heart.
    That's how you are, my very special friend. And many more people know that fact.

    Here the Summer suddenly became Green Winter.In the 50'ies. From well above 90.
    It's been milder to day. Even sunshine and in the 70F's.
    But the Weather Forcast:
    Extremely heavy rain (80mm or 27 inches), flood, mudslides etc. during the Night and early Morning.

    wish you a very happy vacation and new inspiration on your steps up the stairs to your new life.

    Suzann, do not ever forget you are a source of inspiration for so many.

    from the other side of the Pond.
    However so close in the wired world