Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Veggies

My little container garden is beginning to produce vegetables. I have harvested arugula, herbs, salad burnet, the first tomatoes and lots of Italian Parsley. Right behind now are tiny zucchinis and yellow pear tomatoes. The eggplant have set on the plants, the peppers are coming along, the bush beans have their first little flowers and the rainbow chard is beginning to look like chard!! I also have brussel sprouts and 3 other types of tomatoes. I will be swimming in tomatoes - my plan is to can, can, can later this summer. Whole tomatoes, sauce, ketchup, and tomato paste - all from my kitchen.

I will take photos soon and post so everyone can see the amazing amount of food one can grow in pots - I am happy. It is about the only thing I have had time for so far this summer. Sorry for my blog-silence these days - I will return to regular posts soon. The client work should slow down in the next 3-4 weeks.

I haven't visited with you as much as I usually do and will try to make the rounds and catch up. I am so looking forward to life returning to normal. Cheers.


  1. isn't summer grand?! can't wait to see some pics.

  2. It all sounds pretty DELISH to me Suzann...see you around. Hugs, Joy