Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthday News

This has been an incredible birthday and because I am having a birthday weekend - it is not over yet.

My life contracted after Tom's death. I was surrounded by my angel-friends - thank God. However, the entire fabric of my life was bound so tightly around me, it was dark and suffocating and lonely. Solitude is imperative; isolation is different. The isolation (and it was there even when I was in the company of others) was profound - it was to a greater degree that I was even aware.

This birthday was a living embodiment of how my life, my TRANSFORMED life, has expanded.

I worked at my interim executive director job all day on the actual birthdate and was overwhelmed at the amazing outpouring of good wishes and love. I got so many emails, voice mails, text messages, facebook postings and phone calls with Happy Birthday wishes. I got cards, notes, a cake from the staff at work, flowers from the board of directors. It was so lovely. At some point during that day I realized how expansive, how loving and how different my life is today than a few years ago. Transformed!!

I am so grateful - I am so blessed - I am humbled, honored and filled with joy. I saw Shellie, the soul reader, yesterday. It was incredible. I will blog more later - now I must go and enjoy some more of this birthday weekend. Namaste.

PS The photo was taken on my sixth birthday.


  1. Silly me: I'm expecting NEWS.

    ::grins:: and hugs.

    Happy birthday weekend, dear one.

  2. There is some news coming in the next month or so.......I will blog about the soul reader soon too. :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Suzann. I hope your year ahead continues the joy you have found

  4. Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful year to come.

  5. look at your cute self! so glad it was such fun and that you enjoyed every moment!