Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer in Minnesota

However, one would never know it from our weather the last few days. It is socks and sweatshirt weather with zero sunshine. This is NOT what we are used to here in the Northland. Even in the winter - it may be cold - but it is sunny. We get a grumpy after a few gray, cloudy days.

Here are a few photos I snapped with my IPhone when I came home from Pilates this morning. I also harvested my first zucchini, which I will eat for dinner tonight - it is so neat to grow these things in containers - nature is amazing. More photos to come - I will take some tomorrow with my camera.

It has been a very difficult week - a very difficult week - OK, OK, OK - I won't repeat myself again. I am delighted to be home - rain, sun, clouds - no matter. I am here and going to read, write in my journal, watch a movie and just relax. I hope your weekend is all you need it to be.


  1. You have Zuchinis, allready?
    Your Garden looks great. Wish I was there;))
    Here we even do not see the sights of the Squash Flowers (which are a delicatesse).
    After two weeks with real summer, we have had some weeks now with what we call the Green Winter. Rain and rain.

    So, I'm happy to look forward to our journey to southern Europe. Meeting family and friends.

    big hugs

    PS. It's very late, or early in the morning here (4:30 am). The kittens you know - papa is very fascinated and stay looking for hours. Felicia does like I'm watching and caring.

  2. your photos are much better quality here than in facebook for me. don't know why they seem so much more vivid here. your plants are beautiful. and i am green with envy over your garden veggies, continuing to hope we will harvest sometthing besides our peppers by the of july.

    since i am feeling better now i am eager to be a little more active. looking forward to getting back to the OR coast in a few weeks if hubby's work schedule will permit some more time off. (he was off with me during my surgery/recovery for 8 days, working from home some of the time, and going in to the office to attend meetings twice. i am going to miss him this week!)