Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer Room

I am so happy with the new look of my room. I recently purchased these new things and it feels so good to slip into bed and draw up the soft cotton champagne-colored quilts. It is just perfect.

Now I have the burgundy/gold/purple/green of my heavy winter quilts and shams and these beautiful ivory and gold summer bed linens. It makes me feel like a princess. Very summery.

As you can tell, it remains a very, very busy time for me. I am still in the shelter doing the leadership transition. The project is going well - transitions are always stressful - this one is no different. Most important, we are making progress - they will walk in the sunshine one of these days, they will sing the song of their dreams. It is worth it.

As I went to do this post tonight I noticed that this is my 480th post since I began my blog - June 20 will be four years - oh my, four years. What a joy it is - what a joy each of you are - my friends, my dearest blog buddies - my companions on this journey of transformation. Thank you.


  1. I'm honored to be walking the road with you, my dear: honored and grateful.

  2. Four years coming up...WOW...Me too, in August. It has been a beautiful journey you have taken us on Suzann...and one we will continue to share with you sweet friend. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie... Love, Joy

  3. I love the idea of changing a room with the seasons. Yours looks delightful

  4. very inviting! i love the headboard, too.

    so glad to have met you here. you have inspired me in so many ways. i love reading your posts and thank you for sharing your life with us in such an intimate way. it has been an amazing journey. :)

  5. I think I must visit again.LOL.

    I'm very happy about the progress you are making and the fact you see a lucky end