Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I took these photos just after dawn this morning as I wandered around the yard with my coffee and my IPhone. I will take better photos this weekend with my real camera. We are expecting a beautiful and much cooler day today. Enjoy yours!!


  1. isn't it wonderful to awake to beautiful gardens? thanks for posting the pics of yours, and i look forward to more. i often walk through our gardens just after sunrise when i go out to pick up the newspaper. i can't resist checking on every little blooming treasure!

  2. Suzann,
    I will come back to your Garden.
    It was an unforgetable time when staying in your home last year.
    Rearly unforgettable.
    Because you are you.

    btw. This year my daughter and son will visit my son in SW Michigan.
    And we are going to southern France, if my prostata is cleared away from cancer. I would know by July 6.
    That's life our ages.

    hugs and kisses across the Pond