Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer is on the Way

I spent most of the weekend outdoors - planting, digging, raking, mulching,refurbishing pots, just having a really good time. This year I planted very few flowering annuals - almost 100% of all plantings are edibles. You can see my three large barrels are planted with a huge number of herbs - I am hoping to dry most of my herbs for the winter. The other large pot on the stairs is filled with Brussels sprouts. I have loads of johnny jump ups, pansies, chamomile for tea. In the front (where I have not yet taken photos) there are pots filled with tomatoes, eggplant, Italian parsley, chili peppers, yellow pear tomatoes, bush cucumbers and bush beans. I am very excited.

I still have all my tomato sets that I am growing and will plant them next weekend. I also will be planting pots of lettuce to grow in the shade under the big tree in the backyard. Salad right out the backdoor.

This was a relaxing weekend. I will post more photos soon. I hope you had a lovely weekend - summer has begun.


  1. 80 here on friday, high 70s all week and next week...i think it is truly becoming summer!

    yummm @ brussels sprouts. i have never grown them but since they are a cooler climate veggie, it might be a good choice for here, too. hope you'll keep us updated with photos as the garden grows.

  2. It's been rainy and chilly here in ChiTown the past couple of days Suzann....hope we get some nice weather this weekend...have a great one sweetie....

  3. Your plants, flowers, garden look lovely. We're having what natives refer to as June Gloom. That means cool and cloudy in the mornings with the earliest the sun might peek out as being in the afternoon. If we're lucky, as yesterday, I actually heard thunder a few times and a bit of water leaked from the sky but barely dampened the driveway and patio.

    I love the June Gloom, but most natives think I'm nuts. Our really hot dry summer days will be here all too soon to suit me.

  4. It seems you have a good start in your Garden this year.
    With lot's of different flowers and herbs etc.
    You know I love that. In fact, I'm crazy about it.
    Just to walk out a few yards and pick your own herbs, tomatoes, pepper, garlic, potatoes, beans and berries. Paradise.

    We did excactly the same last weekend (Pentecoste). It was.. ok read more on my blog;-))

    btw. I've been working from 8 am until 11pm and midnight the past days. And the weekend to come will be very busy.

    love and hugs
    from across the pond