Sunday, May 17, 2009

At Last - Such a Blessing

After a year of attending services, volunteering my time, making new friends, taking the orientation classes and searching for a spiritual home - yesterday I made the commitment and signed the membership book at Unity Unitarian Church in St. Paul. I am so happy. I am now officially a part of the community of those who are living their values through commitment to social justice and living a spirit-filled life.

This spiritual home is filled with music, with devotion to families and with laughter and community-building. I am blessed today as I begin my life as a full member of this very special community.

It is a beautiful, sunny day here. I have music playing and am preparing to go out to "dig in the dirt" and get those veggies planted. My heart to yours - much more to come.


  1. It's wonderful to find a place in which the spirit feels "at home". I wish you much joy in your chosen community. You've obviously given the decision a lot of thought, and this is a deep commitment. Blessings to you.

  2. sounds like a special day for you in more than one way. we spent the weekend outside pruning and planting in gorgeous weather!

  3. Glad you've found a spiritual home and will find much comfort there.

  4. Suzann,
    tell me more pls

    Yesterday was a very sad celebration, in sharp contrast to the two days before.
    I sort of tried to explain, not easy...
    just read my blog

  5. There's no place like (spiritual) home ... There's no place like (spiritual) home ... There's no place like (spiritual) home ...