Monday, May 11, 2009


I have been dreaming every night and remembering big pieces of these dreams. They are vivid and colorful. Some are about my current client and some are about my future. And still others are about things of which I have no knowledge.

A week ago, I was dreaming that Tom was having surgery and that I was here in bed. "Oh no, I have to wake up and go to the hospital," I thought. Then directly on the heels of that thought was - "Oh no, Tom is not in the hospital, he is at work." As I "went back to sleep" = I was suddenly thrust into consciousness with the thought, "Oh my god, Tom is DEAD!' It was the strangest feeling. I awoke weeping and suddenly it was like it was all new news. I felt devastated and very disoriented.

Dreams - who knows.

I took this rainbow photo last Thursday night from my deck with my IPhone. I wonder what is at the end of that rainbow. Love and hugs to each of you.


  1. My dreams have been particularly vivid this last week also. Interesting times and to add to the connection, I also have a photo of a wonderful rainbow, like your picture, but at the farm and have it scheduled to use in the blog in two days. They are very symbolic

  2. i, too, have had vivid dreams. i dreamed of mother on saturday night and awoke happy to have been with her for so many hours in my dreams! i have had several nights of dreaming vividly and remembering them when i awake.

    i love the rainbow - i have seen only a few in my life, and it thrills me each time i do.

  3. Lovely photo and rainbow. For some reason I haven't been remembering dreams for a while, or they're really strange, involving people with whom I have only casual contact.

  4. I've been a little middle of the road...some nights my dreams are very vivid...and others I can't remember anything. I guess those must be the nights when I'm really exhausted. I've had those dreams that have left me disoriented's a very strange feeling waking up like that. You're night quite sure if you're still in the dream state or not. That doesn't happen often very often...good thing I guess.

    I love your rainbow photo...just beautiful. There's something very inspiring about rainbows. I just love them. Have a beautiful week Suzann...Love, Joy

  5. Dear Suzann,
    I've had a terrible day at work - had to help a collegue, so I have to work late. I'll comment on TORsday. OK, I hope

  6. Hello Suzann,

    Nice to meet you here in the blogosphere.I was offline for a while so my visit is a bit late.Good to see the sister of my dear blog friend,Tor. ^_^

    I can relate with that kind of dreams.I used to have terrible dreams and woke up with a choking feeling that I needed to cry it out to relieve myself.good thing that it was only a dream...

    nice shot of the rainbow btw!


  7. That had to be a very disconcertimg dream, indeed! My understanding about dreams is...the important part is how you felt in the dream....And it sounds like it was an extremely disorienting and sad thing in every way...

    Beautiful picture of that Rainbow, Suzann....I too always wonder what is at the end of a Rainbow....and then once, I saw a Rainbow with two ends....Now, trying to figure out what might be at each end made me wonder even more if there really is!

  8. Suzann,
    I was not in the right mood of telling you what May 11 means to me:
    Positive: Niklas was born on May 11
    Negative: My Father died on May 11
    The very same Day Niklas was 20.

    Now, Niklas is 40.

    Lifes go on....