Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The backyard is awake and ready for

ready for fun, for flowers, herbs, vegetables, BBQ's, picnics and just plain hanging out and enjoying the sun and summer.

I spent most of the weekend cleaning the garage, raking the yard, cleaning the flower pots in preparation for planting my tomatoes, eggplants, squash, peppers and tons of herbs. This year I am going to plant even more veggies in containers than in previous years. Because of the huge 100+ year old cottonwood tree that stands sentinel in my yard - it is difficult to grow those things that love and require the sun. I grow those veggies in pots in the front of my townhouse.

My backyard is filled with my roses, daylilies, hydrangeas, and lots of other perennials. I have lived in my home for nearly 14 years and have lovingly tended the backyard. It is a joy to prepare the yard for another season of growth. Digging in the dirt - feeling the sunshine on my back - listening to the chatter of the birds. Heaven - right here at home. There are more photos to come. Talk to you soon.


  1. ready for the other photos!

  2. that looks great. I wish it would dry off enough in the NW to do anything like it!

  3. Yeah,
    you have a secret paradise in your back yard.
    I still feel the smells and sounds like I was present. (dreaming - LOL)

    btw. have you heard from Robin?

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight...

    Hope you will stop by and visit me and sign up for my May giveaway.

    Later this week, I will be blogging from Disney.