Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Farewell Summer.

It has been such a busy few months that I have not taken much of a break at all. As wonderful as a little vacation would be - I am deeply grateful to be busy with good work - especially in this chaotic economic time. Many people are suffering. Our company is maintaining old relationships and starting new clients - blessed be.

While summer is still here in force (it was over 80* yesterday)the signs of season's change are everywhere. I love Autumn. Bittersweet - memories assail me. Anticipation - winter beckons on the other side of dry leaves and wood smoke. Here I stand in this moment - filled with gratitude.


  1. I hope the coming year brings peace and a sense of release and fulfillment. Your picture is beautiful!

  2. I smelled my first wood smoke last night as someone was having their first warm fire of the season. Yes, I love Autumn as well.

  3. Wonderful illustration of the Season to come.
    Here too the Autumn leaves shines with bright colors.We have chilly nights, morning fog but sunny days.

    I'm happy you have lot's of work and satiesfied customers these days.