Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain and More Rain

I had a picture and a particular post in mind for tonight but blogger has not allowed me to upload photos all afternoon and evening. So, here are Sunday night ramblings. It has been a very rainy weekend in St. Paul. I love it. Having grown up on the west coast of the USA - rain is a dear reminder of winter days playing inside all warm and cozy and then running outside in slickers and rubber boots to splash in puddles. Besides my personal predilection for rainy afternoons - the weekend's precipitation has been a gift. It has been a very dry summer and we truly need the rain.

Last night I had a party here for 30 people to celebrate my dear sister-friend V's birthday. She lives next door and we look out for one another. It was a lovely party - the most important thing being V was just thrilled. We had lots of yummy food and the biggest and most scrumptious carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Everything was a hit.

Life is moving fast for me right now - too fast for my taste. I have grown accustomed to a much quieter life. I am grateful to have new opportunities to meet people, be of service to others, and pursue new interests. I just need to be mindful of not over-committing myself.

The week ahead will usher in even more of Autumn's days. Those delicious mornings, cool and crisp and tinged with the smell of crimson and gold. Oh how I love putting on a little sweater in the mornings - knowing I will be in shirt sleeves or a tee shirt by noon.

The seasons change - the wheel turns. Om Shanti


  1. Sounds like you both had a lovely weekend. Those days or evenings are always prized as they add to a growing store of happier memories. Fall is on it's way! Enjoy

  2. I am ready for fall too with fires in the fireplace and hot baths at night. I almost never am but guess this summer fulfilled me and time for a change.

  3. Oh Suzann,
    I wished I've could have joined the party for V. I remember her very well.
    Give her a belated BD hug from the "Viking".

    It seems we have the same climate here. Clouds and slow rain for the past weeks. We hope for the best for this Saturdays 3x20 Event: Sunshine and a beautiful Sunset over the hills and fjord.

    We lit up in the Fireplace every late afternoon when we arrive (still) to our Summerhome. Sweeters etc id needed. But, I don't leave before I can harvest the Grapes. haha - it's a kind of sickness. But as long as the Cats like it outdoors as well, we stay. At least about until Oct 1.

    It's Fall.
    I'll think I want to listen to Vivaldi - - -

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend celebration. We don't get much of a change in seasons here in Southern California and we could certainly use rain about now. I apologize for the odd link in my previous post, but I was trying to direct you to today's post at Sacred Ruminations rather than Small Reflections ... just because. Maybe THIS link will work better?
    Hugs and blessings,