Sunday, July 08, 2007

A New Addition

Here is the newest addition to my family. I got him from the Humane Society last Thursday. He is 1.5 years old and his name is Donny. I just love him - he is fun and cuddly. I just decided that I needed a companion in my daily life. It was so nice to come home Friday night and have someone here who was excited to see me

The recovery from the oral surgery took some time - the stitches are finally dissolved and I am feeling much better. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I will be online again now and catching up with all of you soon. :)


  1. Oh, Donny is absolutely precious and I know he will be someone to come home to. I feel that way about my Cookie, too. Looks like Donny has really settled himself in already and is very in to photo opps. Glad you are feeling even better.

  2. Donny is very adorable Suzann...beautiful color. Enjoy the little rascal.

  3. glad you are feeling better and your new companion is adorable. I couldn't live without pets and cats are the easiest to leave. I have three currently and am thinking of getting a fourth since two of mine are on the older side and the youngster would like a play companion

  4. This is a good journey - a fantastic one - cause cats are more "keeping" than dogs - and even more trustful than other creatures -

    hugs from me and my blog friend RennyBA.

  5. Congtratulations, my dear...What a WONDERFUL addition to your life! Donny is a darling! I know you will have much joy from this dear companion...And I so agree, it is wonderful to come home to a living presence on the house...And one who loves you unconditionally, too! (lol)

    Glad to hear you are recovering fromthat Surgery...I do know how it can just knock the pins out from under you.

  6. Come to think about it:

    maybe this is soemthing for you:

    Cats on Tuesdays