Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Soul Reader

On Friday afternoon, I met with a woman who calls herself a "soul reader." I connected with her through friends who also had met with her. I had no idea what might happen when I arrived at S's quite ordinary home in St. Paul. She is a lovely young woman - married with children - white carpets in her livingroom. We met in an upstairs room, painted a lovely shade of purple, filled with beautiful crystals, statues, artwork.

I have never done anything approaching this before. The closest being, for several years I met with an astrologer at the beginning of each year and she would "read" my astrological chart. Yesterday, I spent 2-1/2 hours with the soul reader. She is a gifted clairvoyant and medium. It was a transformative experience.

She "knew" things about me and asked about things that she would have no idea about, even "guessing" - I am still trying to reflect on and process the entire experience. More to come.....


  1. that is very interesting to me and i hope you write more about it. I have been to psychics a few times, some in their homes but can't say I have ever had a reading that registered with me that they really had connected. I would love to do that though. The whole process is fascinating and makes you wonder about life.

  2. When one meets a really "gifted" person, that is a great gift! Does she do 'readings' over the phone? Seriously.

  3. Thinking of you today Suzann..I hope you were not anywhere near that hrrific brisge collapse...! Do post again soon just so we all know you are alright!
    HUGS my dear!

  4. I hope you find time to post about your soul reading. A good psychic is hard to find, but it's amazing when they really "know" you. Your Grief Project initiative sounds like a much-needed project. I want to hear more about this, too.

    As for the bridge collapse, it is so devastating. What a miracle with that schoo bus.