Monday, July 16, 2007

I am still alive

The time is flying - it has been more than a week since I posted. In June, I began a rigorous workout regime. I am really doing well - being consistent, which is the key to success. My regular blog buddies know - I stopped smoking in April 2006. Yippee for me!

As a result of the Quit, I have had some weight gain - I have not worried about it as it is MUCH more important to not smoke than to have some extra poundage. I have done really well on the quit and do not think about smoking at all anymore (except to congratulate myself on doing it!!!). Now is the time to tackle the next step of the process.

Now, I could go on a "diet" - I am really good at doing that and losing when I put my mind to it. However, I do not think that is a good thing at this stage of my life. It is time to build muscle, work on functional fitness and make good food choices based on hunger, NOT on emotional or other needs. So, here I am going to the Gym really consistently - I like my personal trainer and she has me on a good program. This week I will increase the weight of each of my exercises. Yesterday, I had a massage for the first time in 6 weeks and D (my longtime masseuse) said she could feel the difference in my body. Hooray, just the beginning but the beginning of the next part of the journey.

On the days I do not go to the Gym, I work out at home on a combination of my treadmill and elliptical trainer. I bought a heart rate monitor and I highly recommend it as a great fitness tool. Now I know how hard I need to work to keep my heart rate in the zone for good fat removal and heart health. It turns out I wasn't getting the maximum benefit of my workout (my time) by not really monitoring my heart rate. Oh, forget those "heart rate sensors" on the machines, they are so far from being accurate as to be a joke.

So, being really busy at work, carving out the time to get this fitness program firmly established in my routine and taking care of my new buddy, Donny-cat - I have not had the time to be a good blogger.

I am on vacation this week and will catch up and do some posting. If you remember, early in the year I mentioned that I have an exciting new project that is being launched this year. Well, I am ready to blog about it. I will tell you all about it in the next couple of days.

Today is a gorgeous summer day in St. Paul - I am just hanging at home, working in the garden, watering and reveling in my home, my solitude, my blessings and my life. I hope your day is wonderful as well.


  1. Sooo very glad to read of your enthusiam for "life" and "healt"...Oh my dear Suzann....Lassoo it all, rightnow, as you are doing! I tell you, from my perspecyive here...15 years on, from you...Seize The Day! You are and you will..because stuff happens that you HACE NO CONTROL OVER...and when it does, the years of Good Eating, and Good Excersising will ALL come home to roost.
    And I so agree with yu...Stopping smoking is much more important than a DIET. The food things will come and DO come after you've tackled the "I no longer smoke" thing.. I know. Because that is exactly how it was for me, 37 years ago....! So, you truly chose the correct path here, and now....You can and will get heathier with your regime.
    I applaud you my dear Suzann, and aay: BRAVO/BRAVA!

  2. Forgive ALL the typos, my dear Suzann...I try to type with ONE FINGER---as fast as my mind is working, and sometimes, my finger slips..(Oh Really, Naomi?....)....OOOPS! (lol)

    Well, I hope you know that my heart is in the right place even if my One Finger Typing, is not!

  3. you go girl...I know when I work out I feel so much better about myself and life in general...
    I started back working out trainer this times so will just follow your progress. You inspire me to push myself that extra bit that I need to do....
    it's good to see you in good spirits...
    thanks for all of your comments on my blog...they really do make my day..

  4. I can only hope some of your tenacity and focus will fly through cyberspace to my house Suzann. I'm hardly setting the world on fire with my weak attempts at exercising and dieting. You inspire me...just like you did when you quite smoking over a year ago....keep it up sweetie....

  5. if we were geographically closer we would be such good friends! i am sure of it. and, you would be such a fabulous role model for me in so many ways! i love how you make these healthy decisions for yourself and follow through with determination until you land right in the middle of success! you are something, girlie! congratulations on the newest of these goals and the energy you are putting forth to accomplish it! wow at the masseuse already feeling the difference in your body! i am working in the same direction, but i have to focus on diet, too. i have a long way to go.

    i smile when i read your blog - remembering when i first read it, realizing how far your journey has taken you, sensing new discoveries before you which will bring you unimagined happiness. :-)