Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good Morning

What a beautiful Saturday - I have had a terrific week. Rest, relaxation, working in the garden, catching up with my blog buddies and other reading, having lunch with my friend L and going to the gym. I am off to do my work-out and purchase food for a gathering I am hosting tomorrow. I will sit down for a longer post later tonight. I just wanted to say Happy Saturday - I am filled with gratitude for my life's blessings.


  1. And a Very Happy Saturday to yoo too, Suzann. Glad you've had such a lovely week, my dear. You sound in great spirits!

  2. Hi Suzann! I am glad to hear about you! Thanks for your visiting to my house and for the compliments! You are very welcome!

  3. You have all the blessings you can need from us here at 60 degrees north.
    We were so lucky to meet a blogger friend from our neighbouring country.

    That was a blast.

    Wish you the very best for the rets of the week