Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am on my way to visit my mother in Yountville - leaving on Wednesday evening and returning the next Tuesday. I am looking forward to being home in the beautiful wine country. It will be good to be with my mom, especially because it is Mother's Day weekend.

I know there are more changes since I saw Mother in mid-February - we will work on those together. I am going to visit the Meadows, which is a wonderful independent living complex in Napa. I have let her know of my intention and have invited her to join me. We will see.

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.


  1. Yep, baby steps. I hope it all goes well Suzann, and that your mom goes with you. You've made the right decision to check this complex out...hard as it is for both of you.

  2. I read this and think---it is all so very hard...this cycle of life...Once we were babies and being cared for by the grown-up person...then we grow and become the grown up with our own babies to take care of---and we DO take care of our babies, and then...before you can blink an eye, it is time for them to take care of us, as if we were babies, once again...I guess I am idenifying with your mother at this point, on the far side now, myself, or getting there...
    And then I thought of that wonderful film..."I NEVER SANG FOR MY FATHER"....Oh my...the cycle of life...I wish you well, dear Suzann, in this new journey for both you and your Mom...