Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Here are photos from my walk this morning. The first picture is stag's leap again - I took and posted photos in this spot last Autumn. The redwing blackbirds were out doing their courting ballet - my beautiful and noisy companions this morning. The grapes, tiny green pinhead dots, sketch the heavy bunches they will become.

I cooked a lovely brunch - the sun is shining. Happy Mother's Day. Trying to make sense of all this input - Happy Mother's Day.


  1. love the pictures...Happy Mother's Day to you...

  2. we have only been to california's wine country once; it was all quite beautiful! can't wait to get back to pt reyes which we did not spend enough time exploring, but i saw 2 herds of elk there during rutting season and that was thrilling! these photos are all lovely, suzann. i saw my first olive tree at a winery on that same trip!

  3. A belated Happy Mothers Day To You Too, Suzann....The Wine country is very beautiful, as are those birds!

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and nice word.

    Hope you will have a nice weekend.

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