Friday, January 26, 2007


Here is my five-year old Amarylis - somehow, during the craziness of the first two winters of grief, I managed to keep it on its cycle and alive.

For those readers who may not understand the treatment needed for amarylis to bloom - the plant must be allowed to grow its green leaves throughout the summer and fall and when the leaves die, the pot and dry bulb go into a dark closet for the winter. In January/February, it moves out of the cupboard, begins to be gradually watered and moved slowly into full light.

I wish I had taken a picture when I brought it out of the pantry cupboard - it looked like a dried, dead bulb with half of its body poking out of the soil.

This is a beautiful specimen - tall and regal - eventually there will be four gorgeous blooms. At times, this plant has shot up another stem after the first blooming is over. Until this plant, I had never grown an amarylis that let me enjoy its display twice in one year.

I enjoy watching its daily changes - transformation - the miracle of nature.

Tonight my mother told me there are fat robins hopping around in her yard in Northern California. In Minnesota, we are a long way from Spring - amarylis and forced bulbs help to cure that longing for something to nurture. More pictures to come.


  1. Suzann,
    this was really news for me. We use to have amarilys during Christmas time and never thought of taken care of them. Until this Summer, when I brought one to our summerhome and plated it there. It grew all the summer, but when the fall arrived, and it looked a bit gone, I simply left it there. But now I've learned better.
    Thank you.
    Hope you'll have a fine Sunday

  2. This is so interesting Suzann...Good friends gave me an Amyrillus for Christmas and it has been growing the green part for the last two weeks or so...I've never had one before so I had no idea that there is such a future to this plant.....There are 6 bulbs in this lovely basket type thingy....I too, am documenting what is happening but haven't posted any pictures yet. Sooo glad to know what to do once the blooming is over....!I can't wait to see your blossoms and mine! (lol)

  3. Hey, I didn't know much about this beautiful plant...Amyrillus...but now I do. Thanks Suzann... I hope you show us when the blossoms are all out.

  4. Hi Suzann...
    I am going to post my Amaryillus thingy very soon, and I have linked you..Hope that is okay, my dear!

  5. luscious! i must get mine out now. i have 3 potted in the same wide mouth clay pottery...and they bloom in order...never at the same time! interesting...and they were planted and watered at the same time. but, i love the way they time the blooms so we have them for several months! i let them keep their leaves for 2-3 more months then put them away until jan usually. i may get them to bloom twice this year. you can do that....i just never have. you can let them bloom, keep their leaves a month or 2 and then put them away and bring them back out in a couple more months and start again. i should try it.