Thursday, January 04, 2007


We have been really busy coming back from the holiday break. The office was unusually quiet from just before Christmas through the New Year. My email was so slow, a few times I thought our server might be down. Not so anymore.

We are one busy consulting firm - hooray. We are so blessed to have such interesting work. We are fortunate - our work helps to strengthen organizations and helps to create participatory practices in organizations and in the community.

We are beginning the year with a fine number of signed contracts, which will allow us to engage in a challenging mix of projects. I have a major new project that I will launch this year. It is an exciting new venture for me which, I will tell you about in the near future.

So, right now work is keeping me from my blogging but I will be around on the weekend to catch up and post some new year thoughts. Take care all my buddies.


  1. Your work sounds very engaging Suzann...I very much look forward to reading about your project for the coming year...!

  2. I love the Buddhist tenent of right livelihood and it sounds like you have found yours. Thanks for continuing to visit S.O. when you can and I'll try to visit more often, too. Is it snowing yet?

  3. Sounds like I should have written it all myself. Next to non e-mails when back from the Holydays. Lots of huge projects to start(consulting and technical) and I have my web-projects (not doing the programming, but the structure and content and "tree")

    It feels so good to be busy. The alternative is hell.

    Keep on the good work