Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Amarylis #2

My beautiful amarylis is a bit ahead of these pictures - I have captured it through these last 2 weeks and will begin to post its progression. As it begins to bloom, it gets top-heavy, I usually poke a chopstick down into the soil and use green garden twine to secure the stem and keep it upright.

These flowers come in many colors - this particular bulb was a gift to Tom and I from a good friend. It is in its orginal pot, which is unglazed pottery. I like those better than the plastic pots but I don't think it really matters. This summer, I plan to repot it just one pot-size up. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much I enjoy watching this beauty grow. It helps to satisfy my "itchy" green thumb.


  1. That really is beautiful Suzann....can't wait to see the other blossoms. Gorgeous color.

  2. Amazing flower. And with your care, I'm sure you'll have it for a long time.

    We also prefere to oldfashioned pots. They breaths and are more natural for the plants, to our experience.

    And the pictures are just excellent.

    We are waiting for more to come.

  3. Your amaryllis looks gorgeous! I cmae here from 'Here in the Hills' to have a look as my 4 year old amaryllis is about to bloom again adn is a fiery red.

    Nice pics of it :-)

  4. Just beautiful flower!
    I love your blog but today was Naomi who send me!