Thursday, September 07, 2006

Summer's End

Here are the front and back gardens. I have posted many pictures of the backyard and flower gardens but never the front.

This is the view looking out from my front door. My wonderful friend and neighbor V and I love to do this container gardening. We winter over most of these plants in our garages and pull them out ready to renew themselves in spring's light.

You can see that things are in their deep green - just before red and gold transformation. The trees are still green but not for long. This is the most wonderful time in Minnesota - one of the reasons we all live here. Autumn - crisp, first sweater days, trees dressed in every color, homemade soup, and lovely walks in the woods.

Saturday is my wedding anniversary and so have been fighting tears at regular intervals. I miss my darling so - nearly 22 months and still I cry, "why?" And still I weep.

Warm and snug in my bed at night I hold your 3 tee shirts that have not been laundered in all this time. They live under your pillow still. I hug them and inhale - your smell, our smell.

Our life together torn asunder and my life renewing itself - fueled by our unconditional love - the lasting memories of you, of Fall, of wedding vows, of Mendocino, of sleeping under the stars in the enchanted cottage, of pledging ourselves - till death do us part.

Only our bodies part - the spirits joined - live forever.


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  2. This is beautiful Suzann. I know where your heart and mind are now. Anniversaries are difficult. I've got one coming up in November. Joel died one week after our 37th. I'll keep you in my thoughts sweetie...there's room, right next to where Joel has been spending so much time lately. (((((((Hugs through the miles))))) -Joy

  3. Hugs to you, Suzann... you know that I just had MY wedding anniversary, and I'm only a few months ahead of you on this WidowRoad. I am with you, walking with you, grieving with you.

  4. the flowers are beautiful, the thoughts sad. I don't suppose the pain ever totally ends but it's good you know the connection goes on. Just not nearly as satisfying :(

  5. Hi,
    I just read your profile and you said you were a child of the sixties. Come visit!

  6. What a beautiful tribute, Suzann...I cannot imagine the emptiness that is a part of this terrible terrible loss....I have been reading the 9/11 Tributes all day and your post brings home how costly the loss of a dear loved one is...And you write so beautifully about your dear Tom...I send you hugs, Suzann.

  7. I'm sending you love at this difficult time. Such beautiful memories you have and you convey them so well in this post. I wish you well...comfort, peace, and bittersweet happiness. Annie