Thursday, March 24, 2011


For the past three days I have been feeling dizzy, a bit disoriented, and a little clumsy once in awhile. Yesterday I stayed home and slept all day. Today I went to the doctor.

I am not a person who is a big user of western medicine. I am very healthy. I take no prescription medications. I workout most days every week - weight training, pilates, and cardio. I eat healthy - lean protein, veggies, whole grains. I do NOT eat fast food, EVER. I do not smoke - five years now. By and large - I am healthy, active, vital.

It turns out that sometime in the last 2 to 3 days I had a very small stroke - OMG = my faithful readers know I have a history with stroke - that is what killed Tom. This was a tiny TIA but still - what a shock. I had an MRI today and a full cardio workup - I have no clogged arteries - I have nothing that needs surgery or other intervention. Tomorrow I go to the neurologist. The doctor wants me to take a full aspirin a day - instead of the two baby aspirin I usually take.

This has been a scary thing - but yet, the doc wanted to rule out brain tumor so I guess all is good. Life is precious - make sure you are living it the way you want. More to come........


  1. Thinking of, and praying for you. I'm glad that it was small .... and hope it never happens again.
    You're right .... live it up, to the fullest. My husband was the healthiest person I knew .... and it did him no good, in the end.
    Enjoy life.

  2. Oh, my! How terrifying that must be for you! Holding you in the light and wishing you a measure of peace in the days to come.

  3. oh, Suzann! i have no words! please keep us informed. my friend. my sister. you are in my prayers. peace.

  4. Dearest Suzann...I know how you must have felt when they said you had a small stroke...especially when you've gone through this kind of thing with Tom. Thank God you are in good condition and you take care of yourself. I pray all goes well from here on out...and that issue is a thing of the past. Life truly is a precious gift....thinking of you with love... ~Joy

  5. Wow that would be scary. Have you had high blood pressure at all? These things can be good if they are caught early but definitely frightening. I never take waking up healthy for granted. The other thing is do what you can to reduce stress in your life. It's amazing the damage that can be done by even the seemingly positive stresses.

  6. I can appreciate how startling your medical diagnosis is. None of us are immune.

    People don't often realize we can all be having little TIA's all our lives, but unless they occur in certain brain areas, we may never even know about it. Many TIA's cannot even be pinpointed on various brain scans even though there are outward signs.

    When you are aware of one this can be a wakeup call to examine with your doctor what life style changes might be in order. Sounds like you're doing what you need to do. Glad you're doing okay.

  7. suzann, i have not read your blog for a while, depending on FB to stay updated. knew you had been sick and commented there a couple of times but had no idea about this event at all! i feel so bad that i did not check here. i begin where i last stopped on the blog, so i read in chronological order. will move up and learn more about your situation...seeing from FB that you are feeling fine now and thrilled with that inner knowledge. x0x