Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Steps

I have not updated the blog in a couple of weeks. It has been a time of patience, impatience, sadness, joy, reflection and waiting. The guy and I continue to see one another and enjoy each other's company. He is a wonderful man and I truly care about him as he also cares deeply about me. We will take baby steps and see where it leads.

I am strong and resilient in my approach to life and to the future. Sadness (as you know) is just a part of being alive - on balance I certainly have more joy than sadness these days and that is a blessing.

Knowing when to move forward and when to step back. Knowing when to continue and when to stop. Knowing - I pray for patience and also know that I have this "one wild and precious life" and I want certain things. I deserve to be with someone who adores me and will allow me to adore them. I deserve to have the passion and excitement of new love that matures and mellows with time - always with that spark. So here we are - baby steps, baby steps, baby steps into the future. For now, we are taking those steps holding hands......there is more to come.


  1. infinitely poignant words. profound and insightful. i keep you in my thoughts and pray for peace and light for you. baby steps is sometimes all it takes.

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  3. Baby steps....that's a good thing. They give you breathing time to figure things out. It sounds like you and your guy are in a pretty good place of understanding Suzann. One thing I know...you definitely are strong and resilient enough to handle anything that comes your way. Thinking of you... ~Joy

  4. I haven't dropped by for ages, Suzann, but I'm happy to hear that you have a new guy in your life and that things are going well. You had such a wonderful marriage to your late husband and it's a tribute to him that you are willing to walk into love again. I love your entry today.