Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update Two

Just when you think everything is OK -- last Sunday, my weird symptoms returned. Sunday afternoon I went to the Emergency Room and they kept me for observation. I had another MRI on Sunday evening and it was conclusive that not only was I not having another incident, they no longer could see the mark from the earlier stroke.

On Monday, I had the heart test (TEE) to be sure I had no heart abnormality that could cause problems - that test came back totally negative. The neurologist told me that cardiologists generally find something wrong with everyone's heart and couldn't find anything wrong with mine.

Dr. H thinks that perhaps my anxiety got the best of me on Sunday - after all I know too much (first-hand) about what a stroke can do to a person in the long-term.

On Monday late afternoon I was released from the hospital and given a clean bill of health. I can return to working out and resume all my daily activities. I was given quite a bit of sedatives for all these tests and so I slept most of the day Tuesday. I also have taken some quiet time to reflect on everything that happened - it had a positive outcome and for that, I am very grateful. I am here now and ready to resume my life journey.

What a trip this has been - thank you for your messages, prayers and positive thoughts. I have been off my exercise and eating program for a week and am ready to jump back in.

I am totally grateful for my life, for the sunshine outside my window right now, for my friends that helped me during this past week, for my home, for the Spring that is happening under the melting snow, and that I can return = renewed and ready for the next steps on the journey.

Thank you so much for being my companions and my inspiration on the journey.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful news Suzann. I know you feel much better after getting a clean bill of health. As you say...on to the next step of your journey. Enjoy every minute.... ~Joy xo

  2. Anxiety attacks can mimic many things. If there is nothing physically wrong, that might be what happened the second time at least. I have had them for a lot of years now and have to convince myself when it occurs that i am not having a stroke or heart attack. I guess there are some pills for it but I don't use them as they aren't predictable. They have no logic as it's not about being scared or even feeling anxious. Maybe it's hormonal as mine began during the perimenopause period of my life.

  3. The brain is still mysterious and as much as is known, there is so much more that is not known about it. Curious that the thalamus mark they pinpointed initially for the TIA diagnosis has disappeared now. Interesting, also, all those medical diagnoses associated with stroke that you do not have.

    Yes, it is important to not imagine the worst case scenario when the word stroke is mentioned, but difficult to do otherwise when you've had intimate exposure with a loved ones experience as you've had. Easy for me to say, but try to avoid focusing on preconceived notions of stroke.

    Thinking of you, and glad you're continuing to follow-up with medical care, while also moving forward with your life.

  4. *exhales with relief*
    big smile

    light and love to you Suzann

    Boo xx

  5. I wasn't aware of any of this, not having been here foe a while, my dear Suzann...I pray that ALL is "well" with you and that you will be feeling tip-top, very very soon!

    Anxiety can be very very hard on one.....

  6. this is all very strange to me. have you considered a 2nd neuro opinion? sooooo glad everything seems fine now. sending you much love.

  7. Suzann,
    I was in to same situation some years ago.
    Brought to the Hospital by Ambulance.
    Stayed for 3 Nights.
    They found nothing.

    We are so lucky we can meet again in July.

    btw. And talk about something else than last time

    Hugs across the Pond

  8. Suzanne,
    sounds very familiar to me.
    My Daughter said:
    - Go to a Chiropractor
    - Why, I preplyed
    - They do know how the nerve cells and your spine works together.

    My Medical Doctor said that would be waiste of money.
    In fact: After 3 treatments my pains were history.

    Hugs across miles and time zones

    PS. Part of the History: My Medical Doctor even sent me with Ambulance to Hospital. They did not find anything wrong at all. After 3 Days in Hospital and xxx numbers of tests.