Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A New Look for the Old Blog

I have no idea what got into me tonight. I had no intention of making changes yet here is my new look. I like it a lot.

This is the third lay-out I have used in the last three years. The first was black, black, black - to match the depths of my grief and hopelessness. The next template was light and white. Oh, I do remember how liberating it felt to make that change.

My life transition continues - the look of this blog seems more appropriate now. Still light but with more colors. I like the features on the new blogger templates that allowed me to more easily customize fonts, colors, and add different content to the blog. I still need to add my blogroll and I have some other ideas I want play around with but that is a project for tomorrow night and beyond.

I hope you like my new look - feeling kinda fancy tonight. Now off to bed - Goodnight.


  1. nice look, but i was hoping for some fun pics of interesting things you guys did last week!

    great to see a font and font size i can actually read easily! getting older is just no darn fun - things hurt, memory is gone, and eyes don't work like they used to!

  2. Love your brand new look, Suzann! Very nice!

    Thanks for your visiting and nice comment! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I like your new look Suzann. It's always good to change things up....enjoy it. Have a really nice weekend sweetie....

  4. Oh Dear Suzann,
    it's so many people out here that are more occupied by the design and look at peoples blogs.
    For me, the most important is what my blogfriends can tell and visualice. As is.
    In my prfession, I do know what "news" matters. But the it's news, not a new design.
    It's like us - as humans.

    btw. I've learned so much from you.
    Loosing and recovering.

    PS. I hope the bad weather did not hurt any of you family and friends


  5. I like it, my dear Suzann...It is light and has an Upbeat feel to it! CONGRATULATIONS on this New Direction....!