Monday, June 23, 2008

26 Months

Yes, that's right - today is my 26 month Quit Anniversary!! Oh Happy Day. I consider this one of my most treasured achievements. It is the embodiment of one day at a time. I am definitely a joyful nonsmoker - done, over, kaput, nada, never again.

The healthy and overall sense of well-being that goes with quitting is enormous. Even if you are not a big smoker and do not feel that it is compromising your health - it is. I have more stamina, more lung capacity when exercising, and I don't smell!!! If you are reading this and considering a quit - please do it, for yourself and for those you love. Quitnet is the premier online support site for quitting your addiction - it is peer support and great educational resources available 24/7.

So, celebrate with me today - my freedom from nicotine addiction and my knowing I can meet any goal to which I totally commit myself. Thank you too for all the unwavering encouragement and support my blog buddies provided me during those first months - you know who you are - gracias.

Here are my Quitnet stats:

791 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes and 23 seconds smoke free. 11871 cigarettes not smoked. $2,673.00 and 3 months, 16 hours of my life saved! My quit date: 4/23/2006 9:35:00 PM

I am FREE!!!!!


  1. Congratulations! That's a real achievement and I salute you. Thanks for stopping by Red Nose, too!

  2. yayyyy, suzann!

    i quit a 2.5 pack a day habit in 1994, one thursday in september. best decision i have made. i could never smell it until i quit, and then my nose became so sensitive to it that i can even smell it outside, long after smokers have left an area.

  3. What a wonderful gift to give everyone who loves you. My Mom smoked her entire life and passed away seven years ago from a massive heart attack. I never connected smoking with heart disease until after she died. Congratulations on 26 months smoke free!