Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthdays are Special Days

Today was indeed wonderful. I visited with the Soul Reader - my dear sister friend M - gave me the session as part of my birthday gift. It was my third session with the Medium - every time is deeper. I will post more about the messages I received during our session in the next few days.

This was a beautiful day - many greetings and gifts from loving family and friends around the country. Many singing phone calls and voice mails :) You are never to too old to hear the birthday song.

I began my day with coffee with my dear friend Mark and went from there. A memorable day with the right amount of quiet reflective time, solitude and connection with those I love. I am blessed and filled with gratitude. Om Shanti.


  1. so sorry i missed your special day and that my wishes for you are a bit late, but - happy, happy belated birthday to you! i slept late and then had PT wednesday. did a bit of shopping and then we went to a late night dinner in a small city 20 miles away. delicious evening and food. we had a leisurely drive home via backroads and starlight. now i am ambling through the blogs i read and see i missed your special day by 1.25 hours (PDT). had i known i would have toasted you tonight! so here is to you, suzann, who has had a busy and productive year. here are my wishes for the year ahead to be filled with many new adventures, wonderful new feelings, and new places to explore - internally and externally. here is to a year ahead of great discovery!

    sounds like you had a fun celebraton all day long! :))

  2. A belated but Heartfelt Happy Birthday to you, dear Suzann.....I look forward to reading about what amazing things were revealed in your "reading". It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day...I am so happy for you. May your coming year be filled with ALL Good and lovely happenings!

  3. I wish you a happy birthday and special new year. I will be interested in hearing about what the medium had for you in the reading.

  4. Belated birthday congratulations! Sounds like you're "in a good place" as you begin this year and am glad that is so.

  5. Suzann dear, thank you Soooo Soooo much for the Beautiful Birthday Greetins! I treasure it and you, my dear....And I hope you are still basking in the specialness of June 25th!

  6. Oh dear Suzann,
    I'm really sorry this B D Greetings comes late (I think my mind still are elsewhere - even though I try to face facts)


    Happy Birthday

    and I tell you from the bottom of my heart:
    You have learned me more about life than you might understand. Your openess about your loss has given me a new view. And been very helpful for me these weeks.


  7. OH NO....I missed your day! I just knew it. I've been so busy with work and crap....I'm so sorry sweetie. I knew it was coming up...and I just blew it...I have no excuses. I'm sorry. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Sweetie. Sounds like you had a very nice day. I was at an old friend's retirement party on the day of your B-day...but I still feel so badly that I didn't check in on your blog to see what was going on with you. Happy Birthday again Suzann.....Much love to you.... ~Joy